In the Warehouse

Mobileezy is ideal for picking, packing and stocktaking in the warehouse. Increase the productivity of your business and warehouse staff with highly organised pick lists.

Mobileezy will automatically provide each handheld with updated lists of items to pick, and built-in barcode scanning will ensure staff can pick and pack stock accurately from anywhere.

Streamline your back-end business operations by using the handheld device and scanner for stocktaking.








Your Problem

Our Solution

Picking from manual lists is error-prone, with the risk of picking incorrect items.

Mobileezy checks every picked item against its barcode to avoid errors.

Checking codes on picked items manually is time-consuming.

Mobileezy instantly speeds up the picking process by scanning the barcode when an item is picked.

Staff are not aware of current stock levels without physically checking goods in the warehouse, causing delays and errors.

Mobileezy provides automated stock levels based on sales and picked orders.

Manual stocktake is time-consuming and labour intensive.

Mobileezy uses barcode scanning to allow a stock-take to be completed in a fraction of the time.

Unreliably tracked stock levels can cause stock ‘shrinkage’ issues.

Mobileezy can track stock levels through ordering, picking and stock-taking to detect and control losses.

Other warehouse picking systems require an expensive radio frequency fit-out.

Mobileezy is designed for self-contained operations, and can automatically connect between picking jobs when required.