In the Field

Mobileezy is a mobile sales force management system designed to speed up sales and orders, track and pick stock easier and automatically send data to the accounting system.

A field sales software product customised to meet the needs of mobile sales staff, it can be used on the go whilst in the car, van, truck, on-site or at customer's premises.

Mobileezy connects to portable printers via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to enable complete business transactions.

Because the design is rugged and completely self-contained, Mobileezy handheld devices and software work without a signal, tower or network. Mobileezy automatically transmits sales, orders and new jobs only when you or your staff need it to.






Your Problem

Our Solution

Handwritten dockets and invoices are labour intensive, error-prone and unprofessional.

Mobileezy can print customised dockets and invoices for the customer when a transaction is completed.

Handwritten dockets still have to be entered into the central system, using extra staff time.

Mobileezy transmits sale information directly back to the office, keeping drivers out on the road and saving office staff time.

Cash handling is prone to mistakes and is time consuming to check and reconcile.

Mobileezy automatically records all cash transactions for easy end-of-day reconciliation.

Tracking stock in a mobile cash van is time consuming and laborious.

Mobileezy automatically tracks and records stock levels with each sale, to facilitate restocking.

Working from out-dated pricing books causes field staff to make costly mistakes and delays.

Mobileezy automatically updates prices, to ensure accurate pricing at all times.

Other systems require continuous Internet connection to work.

Mobileezy is designed to be fully operational as a self-contained system, and only connects and sends or receives transactions when updates are needed.

Other systems running on a laptop are restricted in where they can be used and handheld devices are easily damaged.

Mobileezy offers you the option to use rugged handheld devices, which are not affected by dust, rain or other hazards.