Sales Rep Management

Mobileezy is a sales force management system and the ideal sales rep software for a mobile field sales representative.

With sales force automation, the sales rep can meet customers at their premises, no matter how remote, working off an extensive list of items with customised pricing.

Sales rep run sheets are made easy with ad hoc runs sent to mobile field sales staff to better manage customer visits.

Order fulfilment is made easy with our Windows and Android order taking app.

An order taken can be confirmed with a printed statement on the spot, before being automatically transmitted back to the office to be picked, packed, delivered and invoiced.



Your Problem

Our Solution

Sales made using manual forms have to be entered into the computer at a later stage, which is labour intensive and error-prone.

Mobileezy captures the order detail at the earliest point and automatically transmits it back to the office elminiating time-consuming data entry.

Sales staff spending time doing manual paperwork when they could be out making sales.

Mobileezy automatically transmits sales back to the office, allowing staff to focus on making sales and serving customers better.

Sales based on manual price books may use out-dated prices and are subject to errors

Mobileezy ensures that the latest prices are transmitted to the sales rep, avoiding pricing errors.

Other computer systems require the sales rep to have a continuous connection or they cannot function.

Mobileezy is designed for self-contained operation, and automatically connects when needed to send in orders.