Refill Delivery


Mobileezy is an innovative inventory management software solution that excels in managing vending machines and vendor display stands.

The driver is able to follow a run sheet to fill machines or display stands, taking into account predetermined quantities.

Mobileezy records the quantity of each line refilled, helps the driver to pick stock from the van, and can record a proof of delivery signature, if required.

Details are then sent back to the office to ensure stock is reordered, invoices are generated or sales are record.

Product tracking and and stock control is made easy.






Your Problem

Our Solution

Refilling a vending machine or display stand is labour intensive and error-prone.

Mobileezy automates the refill process to shorten visit times and reduce mistakes.

Manual recording of product usage takes driver time and leads to errors and delays.

Mobileezy captures detailed usage information at the earliest point and transmits it automatically back to the office, to reduce delays and errors.

Drivers are not good at planning their route and waste time travelling.

Mobileezy allows the run sheets to be prepared in advance and sent to the driver for efficient customer visits.

Manually captured usage information is unreliable, making it hard to analyse usage.

Mobileezy captured usage information is reliable and timely to allow for optimal analysis and planning.