Counter Sales

Mobileezy is a versatile sales software system that manages point-of-sale on a desktop as efficiently as it does on a handheld out in the field. Counter staff are able to makes sales by taking cash or placing sales on a customer's account. Stock is easily managed, and ordered if need be, with details being sent directly to the stockroom/warehouse for picking, packing and delivery. 

Your Problem

Our Solution

Sales made manually or using a cash register have to be entered into the accounting system at a later stage.

Mobileezy point of sale provides a single point of entry, replacing the cash register.

Entering invoices directly into the accounting system is too slow and error-prone to use at the counter.

Mobileezy order entry is fast and streamlined to avoid delays and errors.

The business uses multiple pricing levels, customer specific pricing or special offers, which the accounting system cannot handle.

Mobileezy provides a powerful pricing model with unlimited levels, customer pricing and special offers.

Pricing is based on manual books and calculations, resulting in errors and delays

Mobileezy pricing is instantly updated and available as orders are placed.