Cash Van Sales

Mobileezy sales and distribution software bring mobile point-of-sale to cash van selling.

The driver gives the goods directly to the customer, scans barcodes where available, takes cash and issues a receipt. Details are then automatically sent back to the office to allow stock to be reordered, and an invoice to be raised, if required.

Mobileezy is ideal stock control software for inventory management, and to manage customer run sheet sales for mobile field sales staff.








Your Problem

Our Solution

Cash sales are subject to pricing and arithmetic errors.

Mobileezy uses mobile barcode scanning and price look-up. This automatically calculates totals to avoid possible mistakes.

Van sales recorded manually have to be entered into the computer later, which is time consuming and error prone.

Mobileezy captures sale data at the earliest point and transmits it directly to the office, avoiding rekeying and errors.

Tracking stock levels in a cash van manually is labour intensive and error-prone.

Mobileezy automatically tracks stock levels, which speeds up restocking and reduces errors.

Tracking cash taken manually is subject to errors and losses.

Mobileezy tracks cash automatically for improved accountability and cash control.