Mobileezy is a natural companion for companies in the the gift and homeware industry. Companies with large volumes of stock and muliple retailers, both in the field and online, need a system that allows them to keep track of sales, orders, stock levels and pricing. With Mobileezy, reps are able to take orders at gift and homeware trade fairs,  produce invoices on the spot, and immediately synchronise everything back to the office and their accounting system. Accurate up-to-date stock information is always available at the touch of a button. 


Your Problem

Manually recording sales at trade fairs slows down the sales process, and can create errors.

Paper-based orders taken at trade fairs require double entry into the system.

Staff are not always aware of current stock levels without physically checking goods in the warehouse, causing delays and errors.

Fierce competition in the market means that even small price differences can win or lose a sale.

Handwritten customer invoices are time consuming and unprofessional. 

Pricing is based on manual books and calculations, resulting in errors and delays.

Our Solution

By automating the sales process, Mobileezy makes recording product sales simple and paperless.

Mobileezy streamlines order entry using barcode scanners at shows to directly enter data into the office computer and accounting system, avoiding delays and errors. 

Mobileezy provides automated stock levels based on sales and orders.

Mobileezy gives flexibility to sales reps to undercut competitor pricing without allowing them to sell below cost.

Mobileezy allows you to invoice customers on the spot. 

Mobileezy automatically updates prices, to ensure accurate pricing at all times.