Anigo Systems offers tailored training to both new and existing customers. We typically provide this remotely (using browser-based training tools) but can also provide onsite training where needed. 


The purpose of our core training is to help new and existing customers become proficient in Mobileezy software to minimise disruptions to your operations. We split training into desktop administration and handheld training and typically run it in two or four-hour blocks.

During desktop administration training, we will show you how to:

  • navigate Mobileezy
  • use system settings, set up users and profiles
  • set up and run data links
  • set up payment types
  • shipping and company information
  • set up customer groups, item groups, territories and head office accounts
  • work with pricing, special pricing and pricing events
  • export and reconcile transactions into your accounting system
  • access and configure reports
  • use any purchased optional modules like stock tracking and stock takes, bar code scanning, run list management and sales histories.

During handheld training, we will show you how to:

  • use your handheld device
  • log in to Mobileezy
  • create, edit, complete and print transactions
  • use any purchased optional modules like stock tracking, bar code scanning, run list management and sales histories
  • synchronise and update Mobileezy.

Additional remote or onsite training is always available should you decide that you need extended training, or if you employ new staff. 


Training can be tailored to meet your individual requirements. This can be for new staff, refresher courses for existing staff or tailored to highlight new functionalities, optional modules, or process changes. 


Onsite training is available for customers who prefer to be face-to-face with their trainer. Pricing for onsite training is the same as remote training but does incur fees for travel, meals and expenses.

For more information on onsite training, please contact us through: