Improve stock tracking and reporting across multiple locations (including individual vehicles) without the need for expensive accounting upgrades or ERP implementations. Perform stocktakes (with or without bar code scanners) at any location at any time with easy validation and exception reporting. Assign and track non-saleable business assets at customer sites.

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The Stock Module allows for the management of inventory across multiple locations including individual warehouses and individual vehicles.

In its simplest application, the module is used to book stock in and out of vans, and transfer stock between vans on the road. This functionality improves profitability by adding another layer of accountability and scrutiny to sales, cash and stock.

Handheld users are able to view live inventory levels in their vehicles throughout the day, and stock takes can be done at any location at any time.

The module is designed for both bar code scanning and manual selection of products, and includes a simple asset tracking system.

The Stock Module enables you to:

  • Track stock transactions including book-ins, book-outs, stock adjustments, and stock write-offs/assign to waste
  • Track in-transit stock
  • Validate stock movements
  • Report on accurate stock levels at all locations
  • Perform stocktakes at any location (or vehicle) at any time
  • Generate stock variance and adjustment reports from stocktakes
  • Submit stock refill requests back to the warehouse or office
  • Publish stock concerns to field sales
  • Record assets (e.g. point of sale displays) at customer locations
  • Use barcode scanning to track stock.

The key benefits of the Stock Module are:

  • Accurately tracks stock movements and in-transit stock across multiple locations (with optional signatures) – even if your accounting system does not support it
  • Uses barcode scanning to speed up stock tracking and stocktakes
  • Performs stocktakes (even in vehicles) at any location at any time for accurate stock on hand
  • Automatically generates stock adjustment reports from stocktakes
  • Easily tracks stock in vehicles (making staff more accountable for stock in their vehicles)
  • Provides field sales and drivers with accurate stock on hand
  • Easily assigns assets (like display units, point of sale items or other assets) to customer sites and quickly report on both asset levels and locations
  • Uses single or double entry (with validation) stock transactions to suit your business needs
  • Provides in depth understanding of stock status with ten stock reports including stock level by location, stock loss, stock requests, book-in and book-out validations, and stock transactions
  • Exports stock to the accounting system (MYOB only).

Mobileezy industry solutions will enable you to explore how the Stock Module can assist you with your business in the beveragesfine food, first aid, food van and packaged ice industries.