Generate electronic run lists from Mobileezy desktop to individual handhelds and tablets to speed up and simplify field sales’ activities. Track visits (and missed visits) to better understand sales results. 

Mobileezy - Run List Module
Mobileezy - Run List
Mobileezy - Run List Google Map
Mobileezy - Run List Setup
Mobileezy - Run List Desktop

The Run List Module allows your Mobileezy administrator to schedule pre-determined customer visits for field sales staff.

The runs appear on handheld or tablets in order of visit, making it simple for drivers to see where they are heading. Selecting a customer from the run list will trigger a sales transaction, thereby speeding up the sales process. 

A visit transaction records when the customer was visited but no items were purchased. This enables administrators to monitor which customers have been missed in order to re-schedule or take alternative measures.

The Run List Module enables you to:

  • Publish individual run lists to field sales’ handhelds
  • Speed up sales transactions (click on a customer in the run list to quickly launch a sale transaction)
  • Electronically record visit activity and access missed visit reports
  • Create and manage run lists quickly and easily using a fortnightly run model, or use the advanced version to build run lists based on rules per customer
  • Access two run-list-specific reports.

The key benefits of the Run List Module are:

  • Electronically publish run lists to field sales’ handhelds and eliminate ad hoc paper-based run lists 
  • Tracks all visits and quickly run reports to identify missed calls
  • Easily integrated with Google maps
  • An optional signature requirement on visits and transactions helps qualify genuine site calls
  • Quickly launch sales transactions directly from the run list
  • Electronic run lists show new and temporary staff exactly where they are supposed to go, and in which order
  • Customer visits are marked off on the customer run list and moved to the bottom when completed. 

Mobileezy industry solutions will enable you to explore how the Run List Module can assist you with your business in the bottled waterfine food, first aid and food van industries.