The Mobileezy Purchasing module removes the need for paper records and simplifies your purchase reconciliation by allowing you to create purchase orders on the go from your mobile device. Enabling orders to be raised at the point of purchase, this module speeds up the process from initial purchase through to transfering details directly to the accounting system. 

The Mobileezy Purchasing Module
Mobileezy Purchasing module homescreen
Create a new purchase order from suppliers in your accounting system
Select items from your accounting system item list
The list of items added to the purchase order
The completed purchase order
Exporting purchase orders to your accounting system from the Mobileezy desktop

This module is essential when you visit suppliers and need to raise purchase orders directly at the point of sale. Purchase orders raised on your mobile device are later imported directly into your accounting system. This module removes the need for paper-based purchase order books and assists with reconciling orders with supplier invoices.

Purchase orders are raised on the mobile device using suppliers and items already listed in your accounting system. Once raised, the purchase order is synchronised to your PC or server for import directly into MYOB, Reckon Accounts or Xero. Purchase orders can be synchronised directly from the field using 3G, or at the end of each day using the office WiFi connection.

The Purchasing module enables you to:

  • Raise purchase orders from the field
  • Provide purchase order numbers for your suppliers
  • Record the price of purchased items electronically
  • Import purchase orders directly into your accounting system
  • Access supplier information from the field

The key benefits of the Purchasing module are:

  • Electronically record field purchases at the point of sale
  • Eliminate the need for paper dockets
  • Improve reconciliation of purchase orders with supplier invoices
  • Purchase orders raised in the field are immediately visible to office staff
  • Record job numbers (MYOB) or classes (Reckon Accounts) during the purchase
  • Remove the need to request purchase order numbers from the office