To adhere to HACCP requirements, all wholesale suppliers, manufacturers and importers of food must have a recall system for the recall of unsafe food and must use this system when recalling the products. The Product Tracking Mode of Operation will allow you to individually track products from production to sale by tagging batches or pallets with electronic identification at the delivery stage. Quickly create reports per pallet or batch code to satisfy audits and enable product efficient recall.

Mobileezy - Product Tracking Item Properties
Mobileezy - Product Tracking Item Split
Mobileezy - Product Tracking Batch Number
Mobileezy - Product Tracking Production Date
Mobileezy - Product Tracking Item Details
Mobileezy - Product Tracking Report

The Product Tracking Mode of Operation can record the product name, manufactured date and pallet or batch numbers in a GS1-128 (also known as EAN128) bar code label, which is created and affixed to the delivery pallets when the product is packed for selling. Upon delivery, the driver scans this bar code label when transferring product from pallets to the customer to automatically assign the encoded information to the customer transaction. In the office, you will be able to audit the location of the products through the sequential batch or pallet numbers recorded against the customer order transaction at the delivery phase.  

The Product Tracking Mode of Operation enables you to:

  • Improve the efficiency of your product distribution
  • Satisfy HACCP requirements to comply with Food Safety Standards
  • Create product identifiers to recall your product efficiently

The Mobileezy Enterprise Solution and Item Properties Module will be required for the Product Tracking Mode of Operation to be configured for your solution.  

The key benefits  of the Product Tracking Mode of Operation are:
  • Provide auditors with reports of product locations 
  • Improve your consumer’s safety with quality management 
  • Product accountability will increase or introduce brand protection.