The Mobileezy Point of Sale Mode of Operation integrates with your accounting software and allows you to quickly and easily conduct sales transactions anywhere (with or without a bar code scanner), print receipts and add more accountability to your cash transactions without the need for a dedicated point-of-sale system.

Mobileezy - Point of Sale Item List
Mobileezy - Point of Sale New Transaction
Mobileezy - Point of Sale Transaction Selection
Mobileezy - Point of Sale Adding Items
Mobileezy - Point of Sale Tend
Mobileezy - Point of Sale Change Given

The Point of Sale Mode of Operation is a simple yet effective mobile sales interface that produces rapid sales transactions in cash environments. It is ideal for mobile food vans, coffee trucks and market stands.

The mode changes the way Mobileezy works on handheld devices by providing a point of sale system that tracks transactions, cash and locations, while maintaining the ability to conduct account-based sales when needed. It enables staff to identify their location, bar code scan or manually select the sale items and enter the cash received. Mobileezy will then advise the correct change to be given and print a receipt, if required.

The Point of Sale Mode of Operation includes the ability to report on sales per location, and integrates tightly with the Stock Module system.

The Point of Sale Mode of Operation enables you to:

  • Rapidly create point of sale transactions on mobile handheld devices
  • Create point of sales transactions by bar coding items or manually selecting them
  • Track cash transactions and reconcile the amount of cash per staff member quickly and easily.



The key benefits of the Point of Sale Mode of Operation are:

  • Rapid point of sale transactions enables sales staff to serve more customers
  • Integrates with bar code scanners to reduce errors, improve the integrity of data and speed up transactions even more
  • Tracks all sales by location enabling you to analyse and track site progress and growth
  • Includes a cash reconciliation report to speed up daily reconciliations by staff member and mitigate cash losses
  • Integrates with the Stock module that tracks quantities per vehicle for greater accountability.


Mobileezy industry solutions will enable you to explore how the Point of Sale Mode of Operation can assist you with your business in the food van industry.