Quickly and effortlessly add detailed product descriptions to your orders and invoices. The Item Properties Module enables additional informational data fields to be assigned to  products entered on the handheld at the order or invoice stage. You will be able to list variations of the same product (e.g. different colours), add a general number, text or date field to products, add a best before or production date, and capture the serial number with the barcode scanner.

Mobileezy - Item Properties Module
Mobileezy - Item Properties Splits
Mobileezy - Item Properties Module
Mobileezy - Item Properties Setup

This module enables an additional configuration option, allowing you to assign additional attributes to line items that are then visible for selection on the handheld. From the desktop, you can assign these additional properties to be compulsory for all transactions or only appear for invoiced items. You can also vary the display, print and type, and give each item property a title and description.

From the handheld, when that item is selected, an additional tab will appear when prompted to add quantity. This will split the order into the various item properties that you have assigned from the desktop.

The Item Properties Module enables you to:

  • Create electronic product detail records that you need to capture and report on when the products are ordered
  • Easily distinguish between products to assist packing staff in the warehouse
  • Track perishable products by best-before-dates or production dates
  • Record and track your product batch numbers and easily recall if required (helping you to maintain HACCP compliance)
  • Record unique serial numbers with or without a bar code scanner for serial number tracking and product records
  • Report on property items to address sales trends issues with confidence (e.g. know what products with a certain best-before-date have sold and when)



The key benefits of the Item Properties Module are:

  • Allows you to add and record additional information on a product-by-product basis to suit your specific business needs
  • Ensures additional information about items sold is captured automatically at the order/invoice entry stage
  • Avoid warehouse staff picking the wrong items with detailed information about products to pack
  • Printed invoices will stipulate the quantity purchased for both the item as a whole, and each variant of that item 
  • Choose from a comprehensive list of item properties to assign to your products 
  • Manage the Item Property Module from within the business. Set up and change the items as you need them.
  • GS1-128 compliant properties include use-by-date, best-before-date, serial number, item code, due date, batch number and production date details. 
Mobileezy industry solutions will enable you to explore how the Item Properties Module can assist you with your business in the beveragesfine food, first aid and packaged ice industries.