Complete electronic data interchange (EDI) tasks without needing to purchase an additional costly system or pay an intermediate agent. The EDI Module can directly send sales orders from Mobileezy to key wholesalers for distribution. EDI is primarily utilised by large wholesale companies to ensure accuracy in communicating orders and removing paper from their sales process. The EDI Module will speed up the provision of sales orders to wholesaler whilst removing data entry errors associated with wholesalers collating sales orders incorrectly.

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Mobileezy - EDI Wholesaler Setup
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Mobileezy - EDI Order Sending
Mobileezy - EDI Reports

The EDI system manages the transfer of electronic sales orders to wholesalers. Upon launching the EDI application, your email settings will be configured within the preferences tab to give you the ability to add new wholesalers as you need them. When you are ready to commence order sending, a list of applicable order transactions that were synchronised from the handhelds will be displayed. Transactions will reflect the individual sales orders allocated to wholesalers that are awaiting transfer. Upon exporting, the EDI Module will group these transactions together into a single supplier purchase order. This enables your business to easily send all supplier orders together to avoid duplication, errors and confusion. Application tabs will allow you to quickly manage transactions and report on exported supplier orders.

The EDI Module enables you to:

  • Group together all orders from all your Mobileezy sales into one supplier purchase order
  • Show orders ready for data transfer dispatch to wholesalers
  • Allow order selection for electronic transfer to wholesalers
  • Transfer sales order data to wholesaler
  • Flag orders as transferred for archiving purposes
  • Allow for the ongoing management of orders that have been sent to wholesalers
  • Allow resending, as required, as part of data auditing and management
  • Allow configuration of the electronic data to comply with wholesaler data requirements
  • The following EDI transfer methods formats are available (Symbion, PDF via FTP, Sigma, CSV via FTP, CSV via Mail, MYOB, PDF via Mail).

The key benefits of the EDI Module are:

  • Quickly and easily sales send orders to suppliers and wholesalers
  • Manage orders sent to wholesalers in an automated and simplified manner
  • Expand your business to include wholesalers with EDI
  • Streamline the order sending process
  • Reduce human error to improve system accountability.