Advanced Sales History

Empower your sales people to actually sell (and not just take orders) by providing historic sales data needed to up-sell to customers. Quickly and easily view the previous three sales from the Mobileezy database and the current template quantities within the normal sales workflow.

Mobileezy Advanced Sales History
Mobileezy - Advanced Sales History View
Mobileezy - Advanced Sales History Previous Transaction

The Mobileezy Advanced Sales History Module maximises sales during the sales ordering process. The module allows field personnel to reference the historic data of the last three visits to the customer without leaving the sales transaction interface.

By embedding historic sales information in an order, invoice or consignment note, sales staff can use this data to make informed business decisions about the sales order/invoice and item restocking requirement.

The Advanced Sales History Module enables you to:

  • View historic data (three most recent Mobileezy sales) for each customer on all handheld devices within the normal sales workflow
  • View current template quantities for each customer on all handheld devices without leaving the sales items screen.

The key benefits of the Advanced Sales History Module are:

  • Sales created on one handheld are transferred to all other devices during synchronisation. Historic data includes sales from the Mobileezy handheld and Mobileezy desktop applications
  • No need to swap out of a transaction to review historic sales information, and sales quantities can be entered directly into the sales items screen 
  • Sales intelligence helps maximise the sales opportunity and increase customer satisfaction. By demonstrating sales performance to customers, item sales trends are revealed improving customer confidence and purchasing attitudes towards product.


Mobileezy industry solutions will enable you to explore how the Advanced Sales History Module can assist you with your business in the BeveragesFine Food and Packaged Ice industries.

$16.50 per user per month