Advanced Reporting

Enhance existing Mobileezy reporting capabilities with the Advanced Reporting Module. This module is designed to allow you to further analyse your sales. Saved report templates allow you to analyse sales information consistently over time using the same report queries.

Mobileezy - Advanced Reporting Selecting Fields
Mobileezy - Advanced Reporting Setting Filters
Mobileezy - Advanced Reporting Report Options
Mobileezy - Advanced Reporting Building Report
Mobileezy - Advanced Reporting Naming Report
Mobileezy - Advanced Reporting Excel Report

The Advanced Reporting Module is designed to dramatically extend the Mobileezy reporting capabilities of your business.

The Advanced Reporting Module connects with your data and allows you to create your own custom reports from over 60 data fields. You can run the report from the Mobileezy desktop interface reporting tab and create comparison reports using two sets of data with variance reporting.

The Advanced Reporting Module enables you to:

  • Collect detailed analysis of your sales 
  • Copy report templates to create similar reports 
  • Create template reports with multiple filters that will prompt you to populate criteria at the time of report generation (e.g. date ranges, company name, employees)
  • Report on the variances between two data sets
  • Report on sales using a large selection of criteria (e.g. report on sales made only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
  • Convert reports into an easy-to-use Excel format.



The key benefits of the Advanced Reporting Module are:

  • Create reporting specific to your business needs 
  • Provide different and detailed sales reports for investors, partners and governing authorities
  • Identify sales trends for future sales planning   
  • Send saved reports to staff members for feedback on key performance indicators.
20% of your monthly software license subscription fee (capped at $100) for 12 month subscriptions. If you are on Version 7 of Mobileezy please contact us to get a quote. (Phone +61 3 9548 9114)