Barcode Scanning

It enables you to manage multiple barcodes depicting various quantities for the one product, and allows you to quickly and effortlessly add varying quantities to an order or invoice. It will also allow you to quickly scan your various weighed packaged products to charge only by weight and invoice your customer for the wholesale weight purchased. 

Mobileezy Advanced Barcoding Module
Mobileezy - Units of Measure Management
Mobileezy - Mobile Random Weights
Mobileezy - Handheld Barcode Scanning

This module has the capacity to complete different functions and is used primarily where goods and product are sold by weight and standard quantities.

Advanced Barcoding: The Advanced Barcoding and Units of Measure Module will instantly create an efficient order process to sell products either singularly or in various standard cartons. The Advanced Barcoding tab allows you to import and associate product barcodes from the accounting system. Configure this function further and add the barcodes that appear on the cartons of your products to create a quantity of the product that is available in the carton. When you add these items to a customer’s order, you can simply scan the relevant codes and Mobileezy will automatically add the total number of units to the sale.

Units of Measure: This system enables you to record both the quantity of items purchased but also their weight as it provides two alternative units of measure for each item. It is particularly useful when you have field or office sales reps who sell individual units that are later picked and shipped and the amount invoiced to the customer is determined by the weight of the picked unit.  In conjunction with barcode scanning the module can be used to automatically record the weight of an item from an items barcode and invoice the correct amount.

The Advanced Barcoding and Units of Measure Module enables you to:

  • Instantly speed up multiple quantity order and delivery (Advanced Barcoding)
  • Eliminate manual data entry of quantities if sold by the carton (Advanced Barcoding)
  • Streamline your variable quantity and weight sales business with bar codes (Advanced Barcoding) (Units of Measure)
  • Dramatically speed up the order capture to invoice process of weighed products with automated item price calculations according to weight (Units of Measure)
  • Reduce the time spent picking, packing and delivering weighed produce (Units of Measure)
  • Scan your items and the price and weight of item will appear on the invoice (Units of Measure)

The key benefits of the module are:

  • Takes the hassle out of customer orders for multiple standard quantities with different barcodes (Advanced Barcoding)
  • Ensures you don’t over or under charge (Units of Measure) (Advanced Barcoding)
  • Is well suited for food distribution, especially with cheeses/fresh meat/frozen chicken/fish and all deli items sold by weight (Units of Measure)
  • Saves enormous amount of time calculating wholesale price manually with the formula built into Mobileezy (Units of Measure)
  • Removes tedious manual invoice-generation systems to simply scan your products (Units of Measure)
  • Eliminates previous long hours of manual complicated book keeping efforts (Units of Measure)
  • Eliminates previous management of pricing with manual records keeping (Units of Measure).

Mobileezy industry solutions will enable you to explore how the Advanced Barcoding and Units of Measure Module can assist you with your business in the beverages and fine food industries.

$16.50 per user