In the Field

Transaction Creation and Transfer to the office

Mobileezy takes advantage of the mobile network (3G/4G) or wifi  technology to keep your field staff connected to the office.

Handhelds users can create orders/invoices, check stock levels, make sales, record payments, signatures and print (Bluetooth) or email invoices whilst face-to-face with the customer.  

The field staff rep can then synchronise their handheld device using the mobile network or wifi to the Mobileezy desktop where the transactions are available to office staff.

No repeat data entry required and best of all you can still use your handheld device in the remotest locations and only synchronise when ready.

Synchronisation is also a two way process - customer, supplier and employee details are updated on the handheld if any changes were made since last synchronisation.

In the Office

Transfer Transactions to Accounting Systems

Your Mobileezy desktop is integrated with your accounting system - data can be exported and imported between the two.

Using Mobileezy desktop, administrative staff can review quotes, orders, invoices and credits, complete unfulfilled orders and export the transactions into the accounting system at a click of a button. If any changes were made in the field to customer cards these are exported to the accounting system as well.

Imported into Mobileezy from your accounting system can be  customers, suppliers, item descriptions (SKUs), stock levels and  employee cards,