The Mobileezy Bluetooth Probe transmits temperature data to your Android device via a secure connection enabling you to easily record the temperature of your products at the point of purchase. Simply pierce the product packaging or position the probe next to the refrigerated or frozen goods to obtain the current temperature of the items.The probe will automatically and immediately send data to the Android device paired with your temperature probe and, when combined with sale creation in Mobileezy, temperatures are recorded directly on the invoice. This enables you to print dockets and invoices complete with a product’s temperature and time it was taken.


  • Use with Mobileezy software
  • Bluetooth temperature probe
  • Pairs with Android devices
  • Record temperature on customer invoices
  • Maintain detailed electronic records
  • Get proof of delivery

The stainless steel fast response, needle-penetration Bluetooth probe incorporates a heavy duty ribbed polypropylene handle. The probe is suitable for liquids and semi-solid materials including fish, fruit and other soft or delicate materials. It is specifically designed to eliminate the need for wires and connectors, which often cause many traditional probes to break or fail. It measures and transmits temperature over the rage of -49.9 to 249.9C with a 0.1 degree resolution. The unit will securely transmit temperature data up to a maximum of twenty meters (line of sight) and has a response time of less than one second.