Hardware and Accessories

Extend the features of Mobileezy with compatible hardware and products  available on the market.

Below is a selection of recommended products and suppliers to use with your Mobileezy solutions. We do not sell hardware or thermal paper.





Handheld Devices

Mobileezy 8 is compatible with Android devices. Below is 3 devices we have tried and tested and highly recommend.

Device Product Code Supplier
Cipherlab RS30   Aniliun
Zebra TC55 + AC Charger



Peacock Brothers
M3 SM10   Warp


If you are using Mobileezy 7 and need a windows mobile device 6.0 to 6.5 we recommend

Device Product Code Supplier



Mobile Printers

Mobileezy works great out in the field if you wish to print invoices for your customers. We recommend the below 3 mobile printers depending on your size requirements.

Size Printer Product Code Supplier
2 inch iMZ220


Peacock Brothers
3 inch iMZ320 M3I-0UB0A030-00 Peacock Brothers
4 inch ZQ520 ZQ52-AUE000A-00 Peacock Brothers



If you purchase a mobile printer you will need thermal paper to print your invoices on.

We recommend Peacock Brothers or you can email Enterprise Stationers on enquiries@enterpriseofficechoice.com.au.

For Enterprise Stationers advise you are a Mobileezy customer and which thermal paper you require.