Mobileezy is an excellent companion to businesses in the packaging industry. Packaging businesses need a high turnover and low customer touch to keep overheads low and maximise profit on sales. Undercutting the competitor by even one or two cents on their preferred product can make a significant difference in sales. With Mobileezy, sales can be completed quickly and prices adjusted on the spot.


Your Problem

Keeping track of different customer pricing structures is difficult and labour intensive.

Sales reps spend too much time recording information on manual paperwork, keeping them at one customer’s premises too long.

Sales reps waste time checking the van or calling the office to find out what stock is available. 

The business carries a large number of products, but only a small range of these are sold to each customer.

Fierce competition in the industry means that small price differences can win or lose business.

Entering phone and fax orders into the accounting system is time consuming and prone to error.

Accounting systems keep customer and purchase information held in separate sections, meaning that multiple screens are required to engage a customer in a sale.

Our Solution

Mobileezy keeps track of customer-specific pricing without the need for manual price books.

Using Mobileezy, transactions are completed quickly,thereby reducing the time spent with each customer and increasing the number of customer visits per day. 

Mobileezy keeps track of what is in the van or warehouse so that sales reps can see stock holdings on the handheld.

Mobileezy keeps track of customer-preferred products, so a sales rep knows what is bought before a sale.

Mobileezy gives flexibility to sales reps to undercut competitor pricing without allowing them to sell below cost.

Mobileezy Desktop allows for easy phone and fax order entries from a single screen, without accessing the accounting system.

Mobileezy Desktop displays all the information needed to engage a customer on a single screen.