Mobileezy and packaged ice delivery go hand in hand. Suppliers of packaged ice need to make sure that their customers never run out of stock – particularly in the warmer and busier summer months. With Mobileezy, delivery visits are automatically triggered by customer historic sales so that drivers only visit when required. An invoice is left with the customer on completion of the delivery and the driver can quickly move on to the next site.


Your Problem

Maintaining the right level of ice in each freezer is logistically difficult but is essential for retaining customers.

Visiting customers when not required is frustrating. It is essential to know which customers have been visited and when.

Knowing how much ice each freezer can hold and the quantity to stock in the van is vital – running out of ice halfway through a run is wasteful.

Stock losses are expensive. Accurate tracking of stock losses whether from bags breaking, ice melting or staff dishonesty is critical to success.

The ice industry requires high volume sales. It is essential that visits are completed quickly and only when freezer levels are low.

Knowing the locations of which freezers are moving stock quickly and which are not is important.

Knowing which customer to visit and when can be time consuming but is essential for business success.

Our Solution

Mobileezy estimates the amount of ice remaining in a freezer based on historic sales. It will automatically schedule visits when freezer levels are low. 

Mobileezy keeps track of a customer's purchase history, making it simple to see who has been visited and when.

Mobileezy keeps track of the freezer volumes, so that the maximum stock level required for a run is available at any time.

With Mobileezy, stock losses become manageable. The system keeps track of van stock levels and customer deliveries – making it simple to investigate discrepancies. 

Mobileezy makes it quick to fill the freezer, collect proof of delivery and invoice the customer on the spot.

By recording product sales per freezer, the Mobileezy reports will identify any freezer locations that are not profitable.

Mobileezy keeps track of customer visits providing daily run lists for customer visits and ad hoc daily run schedules.