Suppliers in the First Aid industry know that the environment is fast paced.

To keep up in this business, it is necessary to realise that time is of the essence and that every moment on site must be spent refilling first aid kits.

Sales representatives must move quickly and need to know where kits are located and what needs to be filled before reaching site. Mobileezy keeps track of these details. Mobileezy helps sales reps make visits more efficient and enables them to visit more customers each day.

Your Problem

Keeping track of when individual first aid kits need to be restocked is time consuming.

Kit requirements differ from location to location, which can be hard to keep track of. 

If runs are serviced by different staff, it can be difficult to find kits to service and know what stock is required.

After restocking multiple kits at one location, the customer wants to receive a single invoice.

Workplace health and safety requirements mean that kits need to be kept fully stocked at all times.

Back-end data entry is labour intensive, especially when refilling up to 50 kits a day.

Running out of stock during a run can be a costly mistake.

Keeping track of customer and salesperson territories can be laborious.

Sales reps carry to much paperwork and entering data manually is time consuming. Lost dockets result in lost revenue.

Our Solution

Mobileezy run lists let you know which kits need to be serviced and when.

Mobileezy keeps track of the location and kit requirements of customer's first aid kits.

With Mobileezy, first aid kit locations and stock requirements are recorded making it easy for anyone to service the kit.

Mobileezy allows each kit to be serviced individually but consolidates the sale into a single customer invoice.

Mobileezy notifies you when customers need to be visited and which first aid kits need to be restocked.

Mobileezy syncs data from the handheld at the time of servicing.

Mobileezy calculates how much stock needs to be kept in the warehouse and how much is required on a run.

Mobileezy manages customers, salespeople and territories easily.

Leave a printed invoice with the customer and automatically record the electronic invoice.