Mobileezy is perfect for food service, fine foods, meat and small goods suppliers. Each supplier has customers who depend on it for regular supply of products, and for keeping track of regular orders, special prices, and visit scheduling. It may also have to track product use-by dates, batch numbers and calculate the price of a product based on its sold weight.


Your Problem

Compliance with HACCP requires accurate recording of product use-by dates and batch numbers.

Some items are sold by the unit, but the final price is dependent upon the weight of the individual unit.

Sales reps need to know the customer's usual purchase preferences.

Keeping track of different prices for different customers is difficult and leads to problems if the wrong price is given.

To keep up with upcoming specials, suppliers to supermarkets need to ensure that special sell prices are set in advance.

Knowing which customer to visit and when is essential for business success.

Sales reps carry calling cards, customer purchasing history, price lists and special pricing offers - all in paper form.

Products nearing the end of their shelf life need to be sold fast or they will be thrown out.

Our Solution

Mobileezy keeps track of product batch numbers and use-by dates, thereby facilitating HACCP.

Mobileezy uses advanced units of measure to calculate the final weight and price for the customer's invoice.

Mobileezy tracks the customer's historic sales and keeps track of customer's preferred products.

Mobileezy makes it easy to maintain customer-specific pricing on individual items or the product range as a whole.

With Mobileezy, prices can be set for individual customers or customer groups that will expire after a defined period.

Mobileezy keeps track of customer visits, providing daily run lists and ad hoc run list schedules. (Requires Run List Module)

Mobileezy keeps important customer information, customer purchase history, buying habits and pricing on the handheld device.

Mobileezy sends messages to the sales rep handhelds to let them know which products to push. (Requires Stock Module)