What data get transferred between Mobileezy and my accounting system?

Each accounting system is slightly different, but in general data that is transferred to Mobileezy includes:

  • Customers
  • Items
  • Item Prices
  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • Stock Levels

Data that is sent from Mobileezy to the Accounting System includes:

  • Orders, Invoices, Quotes, Credits and Purchase Orders
  • Customers (new and alterations)
  • Stock Adjustments/Stocktakes (MYOB only)

What accounting systems does Mobileezy support?

Mobileezy is integrated with MYOB, MYOB Account Right Live, Reckon Accounts and Xero. For a detailed listing of supported accounting systems, go to our compatible Accounting Systems page. Currently, Mobileezy has formal partnerships with MYOB, Reckon Accounts and Xero. 

How are support payments in Mobileezy Enterprise structured?

In Mobileezy Enterprise, the support package amount for both Basic Assist and Premium Assist is determined by the number of licences held or users in your company. Depending on your business's budgeting requirements, customers can chose to pay either on a monthly direct debit basis or annually. Payment for new support plans are done either on a monthly direct debit or annual basis with an initial term of 12 months. On Demand Support is paid for at the time of the call and the amount is dependent on the specific support service requested and time required to address the issue. 

How does support work? What access do I have?

With Mobileezy Enterprise Sotware, support is offered in three forms: On Demand, Basic Assist and Premium Assist.

What is the difference between the various versions of Mobileezy?

There are four Mobileezy software versions which have been developed to suit a wide range of business requirements. These versions range from Mobileezy Sole Trader, which suits one person/user through to Mobileezy Enterprise, which is suited to medium to large businesses with unlimited users. Please visit our Version Comparison page to gain a better understanding of the different versions and capabilities of Mobileezy software.

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