What's in the works for Mobileezy?Mobileezy v1401 was released early in January and the Anigo development and support team are now working hard at testing v1402 for release later in February. This month’s product development article will therefore be focused on the two new accounting system integrations currently in Beta testing. MYOB Account Right Live and Xero are Mobileezy's first ever cloud accounting system integrations. We are proud to announce this development and invite you to join our Beta testing programs.

MYOB Account Right Live

The last update we gave you on the Mobileezy MYOB Acccount Right Live integration was in the November 2013 issue of the Mobileezy newsletter. Since that article, MYOB released another update of the Account Right Live API allowing us to move further ahead with the Mobileezy integration to include MYOB ARL tax codes and price levels. While there are still some features we haven't developed (Purchase Orders and bills; Jobs; Custom Fields; Custom Lists and Stock Adjustment exports) and a few features we're waiting on MYOB for (Shipping Methods; Stock Locations and Activities), we're confident in moving ahead with the Beta testing program.

With the Mobileezy MYOB Account Right live integration, you can move to MYOB Account Right Live and get the new features offered by MYOB while continuing to use Mobileezy for your field sales and invoicing. Plus, you can choose whether to connect to your Account Right Live data file in the cloud or connect to it on the desktop. With a cloud connection, you can run the Mobileezy desktop software on a computer that does not have direct access to the Account Right Live desktop application- something that was never possible with a MYOB Premier or Premier Enterprise installation.


The most recent update on the Mobileezy Xero integration was in the December 2013 issue of the Mobileezy newsletter, when we announced our intention to develop an integration with Xero.  The integration is now complete and we are actively looking for Beta testers to run the software through its paces (also mentioned in the January 2014 issue of the newsletter). 

With the launch of the Beta testing program, Mobileezy is well placed to join the growing list of applications in the Xero add-on community. Using Mobileezy with Xero allows you to import all your customers, items and prices from Xero into Mobileezy, and export all your invoices, orders and quotes back to Xero. Let Xero manage your accounts and Mobileezy manage customer price levels, special pricing, territories, routing and stock.

Talk to us about joining the Mobileezy MYOB Account Right Live or the Mobileezy Xero Beta testing program today on +61 (0) 3 9548 9114 or email info@anigo.com.au.