As part of Anigo Systems' Motorola and Zebra partnerships, we were recently invited to tour the Motorola Innovation Centre, which is situated in Motorola's Burwood East office complex and is designed to showcase current and future Motorola products. The centre also provides a test environment for development partners, such as ourselves, to test their software products on new Motorola devices prior to being released to the market.

The Innovation Centre is jam packed with Motorola devices ranging from PDA’s to instore touchscreens, handheld scanners, tablets, radio devices and even specialised head gear with an integrated camera and eye piece. The visit gave us great insight into the full range of Motorola's products including those in development and those due for release soon.

Motorola has made a further commitment to the Android platform and to the products suitable to our customers with the release of the Motorola ET1 and MC40 products which run on the Android operating system. The ET1 is a 7" enterprise-class Android tablet with durability, security and a sleek design. The MC40 is a lightweight, semi-rugged Android device that is the perfect assistant for the mobile rep of merchandiser- excellent for scanning products into orders.

We are excited to add these two products to our hardware catalogue which you can view online here.

We look forward to seeing future developments from these innovative companies! If you're interested in learning more about either of the devices listed above, please contact Anigo Systems on +61 (0) 3 9548 9114.