Technical Tip: Unable to sync from handheld

One of the most common queries we receive at the helpdesk is when people are unable to sync their handheld devices.

The first check when you are out on the road is always to make sure your internet connection is working. Open your browser and test a website like If you are unable to browse the internet then you are unable to sync.

You many need to restart your device and test again. First please exit Mobileezy 8 by pressing the back button and closing the application (Mobileezy 7 go to Mobileezy Enterprise on the top left and select exit). Then shut down and restart your handheld device. Check that Bluetooth or Wifi is enabled in Settings and then test again.

Other reasons that your handheld may not be synching are:

  • The synch services  is not running on the main computer that hosts Mobileezy
  • The internet connection is not working on the main computer that hosts Mobileezy
  • The IP address has changed in the computer that host Mobileezy (your IT support can assist you with this – the IP address on this computer must match the IP address referenced in your handheld device)
  • If you have recently upgrade to Windows 10 you may find that your sync services has stopped. Restart the services and set the nd date/format  settings to regional Australia.

For further information on synchronisation please view our help guide.