Product Review: Picking Module

The Mobileezy picking module is a great option for companies wishing to improve their picking processes. By automating pick lists and combining with barcode scanning the picking module will enhance operational workflows. It can be used for picking in the warehouse or picking in the field and is available as an optional module with any Mobileezy Enterprise system or included as standard in Mobileezy Small Business with Stock Operational workflows become:

Warehouse Picking: 

  • Log sales in the field using the Order Request transaction
  • Synchronise to the Mobileezy desktop
  • Assign picking slips to the warehouse handheld
  • Pick against the picking slip using either a barcode scanner or manually selecting items
  • Synchronise to the desktop, where the picked items automatically become an invoice
  • Export the completed invoice to your accounting system

Handheld picking:

  • Log an order with the customer
  • Pick directly out of the van using the handheld
  • Customer is only invoiced for the items picked
  • Synchronise to the desktop
  • Export the completed invoice to your accounting system

The picking system comes complete with warnings for mispicks and the option to put items not available on backorder.


Mobileezy v7: $495 per handheld

Mobileezy8: $16.50 per handheld per month

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