Plenty of time until Christmas, or is there?

In fact it's less than two weeks to the start of the silly season and only another two before many businesses start taking their annual shutdown. Are you ready? There is still time for us all to get our houses in order.

Many of our customers are businesses with a strong holiday peak: ice, bottled drinks and catering to name just a few. Others find Christmas and the New Year a good time to shut down, slow down and think about next year.

Mobileezy is all about making your life easier and more relaxed, so here are a few tips on getting ready for the festive season Mobileezy-style.

Look back! The past year and the trend over the year could just be the best indication of what is to come. Run some historical reports, look for changes in customer activity and product sales, and back that up by contacting a few of your best customers to understand how their business is changing.

Stock Up! Use Mobileezy to forecast what you can expect to sell over the season. Make sure you have all the products in stock, because your suppliers may not be able to help on short notice. If you can't supply when your customers want to buy they may move elsewhere and they may not come back.

Lose the paper! First, stop printing and filing. Throw out that filing cabinet. Emails, reports, contacts, inventory, run lists are all available electronically at the touch of a button. You may like to print something occasionally to take to a meeting but then throw it out, don't file it.  If anyone in your business is still taking customer orders or placing supplier orders on paper, now is the time to stop them. Electronic records  is what Mobileezy is about, and everyone has to be on the same page.

Update your systems! Make sure all your software systems are on the latest version now, don't wait until things get busy to find out what you should have done. Update Mobileezy, your accounting system, Windows at a time of your choosing before things get busy, not when something breaks.

Relax! Mobileezy and our support team are here to help, making sure your sales and orders and customer information are captured directly and electronically, instantly accessible, accurate and reliable. That way your business can perform at its peak and you can enjoy the benefits.