Mobileezy and Android: the perfect matchIn keeping with fast moving technology trends, it seems that Nokia is building an Android phone and Microsoft (which has bought Nokia) is going to let them! This has certainly made us think.

A few of our customers are still using original Palm devices to run Mobileezy because they are light weight, fast and compact. Unfortunately, in the battle for the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Palm was no match for the muscle of Microsoft and now Palm devices are pretty hard to find.

Microsoft Windows Mobile has dominated the PDA market for many years with offerings such as form factors, bar code readers, printer options and excellent developer support, despite its slow speed, small screens and complex setup. Unfortunately, Windows Phone 7 and 8 are not yet compatible and despite its strengths, we’ve not been able to convince a few of our Palm customers to make the move. We needed something compatible for these customers.

Now Android is the dominant force in phones, PDAs and similar devices, and the good news is that Mobileezy and Android make a great combination. The software is easy to install and set up. It runs fast and looks good on large and small screens, and can be used with finger or stylus. There are inexpensive consumer devices from Samsung and ruggedised devices from Motorola, and plenty in between. Options include Wi-Fi or 3-G, dedicated barcode reader or built-in camera, Bluetooth printing to Zebra docket printers or to HP page printers. All the choices are there, with many more to come.

As a software company, the Android enhances Mobileezy’s capabilities too. It allows us to look up customer addresses on Google maps, send an email and phone the customer, and we are getting to work on product photos and catalogues: none of which was possible before Android.

So finally we have a range of devices we can recommend to all our customers - whether they need speed, low price, great new features or just lots of choices - and perhaps now even the few still using Palm can finally make the move.

David Bennett, Managing Director.