The start of a new year is a good time to reflect on things achieved and lessons learned, and to plan for the future. Our offices were closed between Christmas and New Year and whilst most of our staff were enjoying a well-earned break, our support lines stayed open for those hardy souls who needed us (and a few certainly did).

It has been a year of change for Mobileezy. A year ago, Anigo Systems was still located in the cramped Berwick offices and we had a new team who barely knew each other. Early on in the year, we moved into our spacious new offices in Clayton and we had some serious problems with the premises and our communications. There were some teething problems to start with and we know we tested our customers' patience at time, but hopefully that is now well behind us.

During the latter part of last year, we refined our support and internal systems and moved to a regular development cycle. We killed a heap of bugs in the software and consequently saw a drop in both the quantity and urgency of support calls received. We now have a great team working together and the future of Mobileezy is looking good. Our focus remains on improving the service we provide to customers, and as always we appreciate any feedback that helps us do that.

We are currently working through a long list of improvements in Mobileezy to keep our system up to date with industry trends. With accounting systems moving to the cloud, we have added backend integrations with Xero and the cloud versions of MYOB and Quickbooks. With this in mind, we formed a partenership with cloud provider, habitat3, which we announced last year.

The market for handheld devices is rapidly moving away from Windows Mobile to Android. As such, we are enhancing Mobileezy capabilities on Android and updating our handheld software to take better advantage of new platforms and new capabilities like mapping and email.

Last year we made some significant enhancements to the Mobileezy software including MYOB stock integration, adding the new email feature for Mobileezy, Google Maps and phone call integration on Android, as well as developing the new purchasing module.

Currently, we're working on making the installation and updating process of our software a lot more easier and reliable, particularly with 3G synchronisations. As always, we are focused on making Mobileezy work for our customers and customising the software to suit their work flow requirements.

Many of our customers have bought their Mobileezy software through FairPay, which allows them to spread the upfront cost over a period of time, but some would like us to take that to the next logical step. In keeping in line with an industry-wide move, we will be introducing a monthly rental model for customers who prefer regular low payments over an upfront capital cost.

We still have plenty to do and a great team to do it with. As always, we would very much like to hear what our customers think and what enhancements they'd like to see take place. Please feel free to drop us a line at or +61 (0) 3 9548 9114.

David Bennett, Managing Director