So how well did your business do last year, exactly? Is there anything you need to do differently? How do you know? Do you really remember exactly what happened three or twelve months ago, or last year or the year before? This time of year, with a full year of financial results, is a good time to find out.

One of the great things about running advanced business software like Mobileezy is that it captures all the important things your business does, continuously, with no extra effort. Whatever items you sold and whichever customers you sold them to, when, how often and for how much, is all right there in the database. All you have to do is ask the right questions, get the right reports, and understand the answers.

Obviously the accounting system will have provided the end of year financials, but what about the customers serviced and products sold? Some of the questions you might want to ask about customers are:

  • Who are the best and most profitable customers? And the worst?
  • Are there any trends or seasonal variation in customer purchases?
  • Are there unexplained differences between this year and last?
  • Are there particular kinds or groups of customers to focus on?

And about products:

  • Which are the best and most profitable products? And the worst?
  • Are there trends or seasonal variation specific to products or product lines?
  • Are there unexplained differences for individual products between this year and last?
  • Are there particular product categories or lines to focus on?

And also:

  • Are stock losses acceptable, or showing any trends?
  • Are employees achieving or surpassing their sales targets, or are there individual problems?

Mobileezy has many reports built in, and perhaps there are some you haven't tried yet. Why not give them a look? If they don't answer all the questions you have, then take a look at our special offer Report Pack. You may be surprised what you learn about your own business.