Mobileezy preferences are used to customise the functionality of Mobileezy on the handheld according to the requirements of the user. To manage the preferences on the handheld, the profile setting “Allow Edit Preferences” should be turned to “Yes” on the Mobileezy Desktop as shown below:

If this setting is turned to “No”, then the following warning will be displayed and you will be unable to change any setting on the handheld:

This setting can be used in an environment where management does not want any settings to be changed on the handheld after it has been configured initially.

How to change preferences on the handheld:

1. Tap in the top left hand corner of the home screen of Mobileezy where the text “Mobileezy Enterprise/Business Plus/Business” is displayed.

2. Tap on the “Setup” menu and then tap on the “Preferences” button.

Basic Preferences explained:

1. Use Default Customer

If you usually record sales, payments, and time billing transactions for the same customer, you may want to set them up as a default customer to save time when creating new records. For example, if you are creating cash sales against the same cash sale customer (must be created in MYOB first), you can set a generic name such “Cash Sales” as the default customer so every time you create a new sale, this customer will be selected automatically.

How to set up a default customer

a) Tap the "Change" button next to the "Use Default Customer" checkbox. The “Select Customer” screen is displayed.

b) Tap on a customer to select. The customer is displayed in the “Preferences” screen and the “Use Default Customer” checkbox will now be       marked.

When "Default Customer" is enabled, it is still possible to change the customer on a per-transaction basis, provided that the profile setting "Allow Change Customer" is enabled.

NB:  To reduce the risk of recording a sale to the wrong customer, you should only set a default customer if it is your usual practice to make sales to that customer.

2. Use Default Job

If you usually record sales, payments, and time billing transactions to the same job, you should set the “Default Job” to that job.

How to set up a default job

a) Tap the “Change” button next to the “Use Default Job” checkbox. The “Job List” screen is displayed showing a list of all the jobs from your accounting software.

NB: If the job numbers are not displayed, check the Datalink setup.

b) Tap the correct job. The job name will now be displayed in the “Preferences” screen and the “Use Default Job” checkbox will be marked. After enabling this setting, all the sales raised on the handheld will be tagged with the job code selected when exported to the accounting system.

3. Archive Period

"Archive Period" is the time for which the customer wants to retain their business data on their handheld even after syncing the handheld with their desktop application.

For example, if you enable the "Archive Period" setting and assign it to “1 month”, it will retain all the transactions on the handheld for the whole next month starting from the day you enable it. These sales can only be viewed, not altered. This will occur even if you sync your handheld every day. After one month, the data will be wiped off the handheld and the memory will be available for the next month’s transaction data.

NB: It is not recommended to select the “Archive Period” for more than one month as it will take the large amount of space in your memory which may result in slow performance of your handheld.

NB2: If you increase the handheld archive period, you will also need to do force repopulation on your next sync to update the history on the handheld.

4. Force Repopulation

If your handheld requires a hard reset or you allow your batteries to run out (usually occurs only on older handsets with volatile memory), you will lose your Mobileezy software along with all the information on your handheld. Once you re-install the Mobileezy program on your handheld and perform a "Sync" operation, the Mobileezy database will automatically detect that you are missing records and will repopulate orders on your handheld. However, it will only recover the records created before your last successful "Sync" operation, and within the "Archive Period" that you have specified.

5. Printer Type

If you want to print invoices or dockets, you need to select a printer type.

Tap the drop down arrow to display a list of printers and select your available printer from the list.

a) Cust Details: If you want to print the Customer details on the docket, then select this option.

b) Item Details: If you want to print the Item details on the docket, then select this option.

c) Print Notes: If you want to print the notes attached to that sales on the docket, then select this option.

6. Report Printer

This setting is used to enable the printing of reports from a handheld. In this case, select the same printer as selected in Printer Type. This setting also enables you to test the connectivity between the handheld and the printer by printing a test page. This is very helpful especially in the case of A4 Bluetooth printers.


If you require any assistance, please contact support on +61 (0) 3 9548 9114 or

If you would like to find out about the Advanced preferences on the handheld, you can view Ali's Advanced preferences on the handheld article here.