This technical tip from Ali will help you understand handheld user names and how to create a new handheld "User Name" on the Mobileezy desktop.


Can I delete the handheld "User Name" on the Mobileezy desktop?

Mobileezy Desktop does not allow the handheld “User Name” to be deleted because when we create a transaction on the handheld, it must have a “Handheld User” entity value in the Mobileezy database. If we delete the “User Name” on the Mobileezy Desktop, it will damage or affect the previous historical records related to that “User Name” in the database. It may also cause some serious problems in the database as a “Handheld User” entity cannot have null value in it.

How can I create a new Handheld “User Name” on the Mobileezy desktop so I can swap the handheld user licence?

If you want to change the “User Name” on a handheld for a new employee, without changing the number of purchased licences for your handheld users, follow the steps below.

  1. The “User Name” which you want to swap with a new “User Name” should be disabled first; therefore, uncheck the checkbox under “Active”.


2. Create a new “User Name” by clicking on the “New Handheld User” button and type the new “User Name” in the text box. Click on “OK” button.

NB: The new “User Name” must be different from the existing user names. It is highly recommended not to use the same “User Name” on more than one handheld device, as it will cause duplicate record issues in the Mobileezy database and may also damage other records.


Once created, the new user will then appear in the Desktop.


3. Type in the newly created user name in Mobileezy on the handheld in “Synchronisation Setup” by taping on “Server Setup” and in the “User Name” text box. Tap “OK”.


4. You can hide the inactive users from the list of all the created users, by ticking the “Hide Inactive Users” setting.

Ensure that the device on which you are changing the user name is fully synced through the “Full Sync” function before deactivating from the Mobileezy desktop. If a “Full Sync” has not been done, the user may lose their data as they will not be able to sync after deactivating the user name.

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