With the recent release of Mobileezy’s new email feature, we have received many enquiries on how to set it up. If you are comfortable setting this feature up on your own, follow the steps below; however, as some users may not be as technically savvy as others, we encourage you to call or email us if you need assistance with the setup.

Configuration of email system settings:

To configure the email feature, the first thing you will need to do is complete the email configuration in the system settings table. This will enable Mobileezy to send mail through your email server.
1. On Mobileezy desktop go to Setup -> System Settings
The fields you will need to complete are:
  • Mail Server Address
  • Mail Server Port
  • Mail Server Use SSL
  • Mail Server User Email
  • Mail Server User Email Password

The information needed to complete these fields can be found in your Outlook Account settings.

2. In Microsoft Outlook go to File -> Account settings. Select your email account and click Change.

a. Enter the address that you find under Outgoing mail server (SMTP) in the Mail Server Address field in Mobileezy

b. Enter the User Name provided in Logon Information in the Mail Server User field in Mobileezy

3. After completing the steps above, click More Settings in the same Outlook window and go to the Advanced tabEnter the value you find in the Outgoing Server (SMTP) field in the Mail Server Port field in Mobileezy.

4. Type in the password in Mail Server User Password text box. This is your Mail server password, which you may need to obtain from your records or IT provider.


Configuration of your email template:

After configuring Mobileezy to send email, you now have the option of customising the Subject and Body of the email, as well as the email address from which the email is sent.

1. On the Mobileezy Desktop go to Setup -> System Settings.

2. Enter the message you would like to appear in the body of the email in the Mail Message <Body> Template (Transaction) field.

3. Enter the email address you would like the email to come from in the Mail Message <From> Template (Transaction) field. All responses to the emails you send from Mobileezy will be directed to this email address.

4. Enter the message you would like to appear in the subject of the email in the Mail Message <Subject> Template (Transaction) field.

You have now configured the email feature in Mobileezy!

If you would like to add further customisation to your email template, have a look at Ali's article: Advanced configuration of the email template using Macros.

If you require any assistance, please contact support on +61 (0) 3 9548 9114 or support@anigo.com.au.