Back to workThere was a time when businesses in Australia just about shut down over the end of year holiday season, except of course for those vital suppliers of ice, cold drinks and sunglasses. That is not really true now, but it is quite noticeable that the pace slows down and the roads are noticeably quieter for most of January. Even at Anigo Systems some of our staff take a well-earned rest.

Once Australian Day weekend is over, the holiday is over, and it’s back to work with a vengeance.

The rest of the world of course never stopped. Bill Gates is back in the saddle, Microsoft has new versions of its Surface tablet and phone, HTC and LG are making Windows phones, and Bing is taking search traffic from Google. Samsung has widened its lead over Apple, RIM is changing its name to Blackberry, and HMV and Atari have filed for bankruptcy. Kim Dotcom has launched a new web site doing pretty much what he got arrested for last time, while Facebook is losing teenagers and gaining grannies. The Pebble Smartwatch is on sale, and the Internet is celebrating its 30th birthday. Congratulations!

Our developers have been hard at work too.  Not only have there been bugs to fix and features to add, they have also been working at making Mobileezy easier to install, easier to run and better connected.

Until now, Mobileezy has been quite complex to deploy or redeploy, but soon it will be just a download and a couple of clicks- so simple that anyone can do it. We have also been reworking the desktop, server, handheld and backend configuration to simplify setup and improve software reliability.

Synchronising through a firewall has been the cause of a lot of problems for our customers, because routers are all different and the setup is quite technical. I am pleased to report that soon there’ll be a whole new way to connect that will make it a breeze.

Mobileezy has a strong tradition of linking with backend accounting systems, and to these we are adding new connections for MYOB AccountRight Live and Xero, with more to come.

 This is all part of our drive to Make Mobileezy Better. These developments are now in their final stages and customers who are interested in the Beta testing program are invited to contact us.

David Bennett, Managing Director.