The latest figures are in and Android is surging ahead. Apple and the iPhone 5 may be getting the lion's share of media hype, but Samsung and Android are getting the big sales. According to the latest news release from International Data Corporation (IDC), Nokia and Windows phones are also growing steadily while Blackberry and everyone else are going backwards. Android now accounts for a massive 81% of all smartphone shipments - with Samsung holding a solid 40% share. The market as a whole has grown nearly 40%: with Android up 50%, Windows 156%, and Apple's iOS just 26%.

Another innovation to secure Android's dominant position in the market is the launch of the phone-tablet, also knows as the 'phablet'. With its 5-7 inch screen, the 'phablet' accounts for 21% of the smartphone market. To date, Apple doesn't have a comparible product, which could be a contributing factor in its diminishing market share. A further key aspect to the Android stronghold is the general drop in product prices, with a broadening range of Android phones and tablets available to suit every pocket. 

We strongly advocate Samsung devices if they are to be used with Mobileezy software because we are able to test them, we know they work, and we know we can support them. We particularly like Samsung's Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Note. Whilst there are other competitively priced mini tablets on the market, we don't recommend using them with Mobileezy as we cannot guarantee their compatibility with the software, and we may not be able to provide the required support.

Those who are after something more robust with integrated barcode scanning will appreciate the Motorola ET1 and the MC40, both of which have integrated one and two-dimensional scanning capabilites. Both these devices are on our website and we believe there are also more models on the way.

Over the coming months you will see more and more integration between Mobileezy and Android devices. To give you a sneak preview, we are working on several exciting enhancements including: barcode scanning using the built-in camera; map displays, the ability to make phone calls, sending and receiving emails; and showing product pictures within Mobileezy. These are powerful devices and we aim to get the most out of them, so watch this space!

David Bennett, Managing Director.