The advanced Mobileezy preferences are used to customise the functionality of Mobileezy on the handheld according to the requirements of the user. This article explains the advanced options following the article "How to manage the Mobileezy preferences on the handheld".


1. Auto Remove Empty Lines

This setting will automatically remove any lines that have a 0 quantity when a sale is completed.

2. Warn if no payment for Cash Cust.

This preference affects whether the user of the handheld will be warned if there has been a transaction with a cash customer, but no payment has been received. Uncheck this to disable this warning.

3. Use Smaller Fonts Where Possible

This setting is only for Android and Palm devices as these devices support smaller fonts. By enabling this setting, if the Customer list or the Item list exceed the screen size, then this setting allows a smaller font to be used to accommodate the Customer list or the Item list on the screen of the handheld.

4. Use Archive Trans in Reports

This setting enables the information from all the archived invoices in the reports to be included on the handheld. To use this feature the “Archive Period” should be at least “1 day”.

If you create few sales on the handheld and sync your device, the sales on the handheld are transferred across to the Mobileezy Desktop and will be marked as "Archived". If the “Archive Period” is not enabled, these transactions will be wiped off the handheld and they would not be included in the reports on the handheld. This setting is enabled to use the information from the archived invoices in the handheld’s reports.

The following reports can be viewed on the handhelds:

5. Printer IP

If you want to use the Wi-Fi printer to print the docket or receipts, then you need to type the Private IP address of that printer in front of the “Printer IP” label.

6. Force 'PO#' to 'Bill To city'

Set this preference to populate the data found in the "Bill To City" field into the "PO#" field on the transaction.

7. Lock 'Paid today'

This preference affects the "Paid Today" section of an invoice. Checking this will disable the section and this setting can be used to avoid any payment to be made at the time of the sale.

8. Scan To Sales Items Screen (only relates to barcode scanning

This preference will allow the user to scan an item with the handheld from any screen. Once the scanned item has registered, the software will display the "Sales Items" screen.


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