Premium Allsands and Premium Waste Management is a waste and sand extraction business based in Waroona, WA. Whilst the business has been in operation for a number of years, it was taken over by Budi and Kristy Sumich and Ryan and Joanne Murphy – two dedicated couples who saw great potential in the local business – in October 2014. Since then, the two couples have been making changes to improve the business’s efficiency and success.


Premium Allsands and Premium Waste Management  is a small-sized company which has its operations divided between drivers and trucks based at its landfill and sand quarry sites in Waroona, and an office in Perth where all the admin works gets completed. Whilst one of the sites has an on-site office, the other site doesn’t. In fact, it has no power and no phones, so the company needed a mobile solution that would accommodate the company’s situation and improve operations.

Soon after taking over the business, the two couples realised their main issue was having to create tickets for every truck that entered or left the site and then getting that information to their office in Perth to generate invoices. From there it would be entered into the accounting system: a complex and drawn out process that was not without errors. They realised that they needed something that would do this all without doubling up every hand-written docket.


A simple Google search for ticketing machines lead Premium Allsands and Premium Waste Management to Mobileezy!

Kristy Sumach contacted Mobileezy to find out about the software and its suitability their business. After a detailed discussion and proposal on how Mobileezy could address their company’s needs, “we made the decision to go with Mobileezy almost immediately because it was the only solution we could find that suited all our needs. With no power, phones or office, Mobileezy was the perfect solution, and it integrates perfectly with our accounting system!”

Software Resolution: 

Premium Allsands and Premium Waste Management were so confident that they had found the right solution that they decided to proceed with using Mobileezy8 Small Business with 3 handheld licences and 1 DOES licence. “We had no hesitation going ahead with it. It was affordable and it ticked all our critical boxes. Besides that, we needed something that could be implemented straight away and be up and running immediately. “

Using Mobileezy Small Business, Premium Allsands and Premium Waste Management are able to synchronise all their invoices immediately back to the office, and have them automatically uploaded and integrated with MYOB. “On top of that, all information is accurate and instant - no more delayed manual entering of data!” Complications caused by the lack of power, phones and an on-site office have become a thing of the past!


“Mobileezy is great and so simple to use. Our invoicing time has been cut down to 0 as all invoices are now created at point of sale. It’s a huge success from that perspective. We can also now see who owes us money directly from the handheld rather than having to go into the accounting system to see – a long and drawn-out process. In just a few months, we have noticed such a difference to the running of our business; it’s more streamlined from an operational and accounting point of view.”

“We’ve used other systems where deployment and training was very drawn out and took too many business hours to sort out. Mobileezy was so much faster, and whilst it still required deployment and training for the operators, it has all gone really smoothly.”

Why Premium Allsands and Premium Waste Management love Mobileezy

  • Reduced data entry: “We wanted to remove the need to manually write dockets/tickets every time a customer entered our site. It’s done that well and truly!”
  • Reduced paperwork: “The integration into our accounting system and ability to have all the information on a handheld has eliminated the need for product and invoicing books.”
  • ROI: “Accounting hours have been substantially reduced, information is accurate and instant, and reporting is immediate - and I would assume it saves our customers time too!”
  • Automatic sales and invoicing process: “We can invoice customers immediately from the handheld and eliminate handwritten dockets every time a customer enters our site. Now all the data is sent straight back to the office.”
  • “We love the link to MYOB and that it emails invoices directly from Mobileezy with the driver’s signature on the invoice. That is very cool! Previously, if anyone wanted proof they were on site we would have to go through mountains of dockets to find the original signed copy. Now it’s instant and we have proof that a driver has been on site.”
  • “I love that I don’t have to export and import invoices between software and that it does it all with one click.
  • Sales history: “It uploads all new information and any changes as opposed to just rejecting customers or products that don’t match. We can also see who still owes us money, which is a huge time saver.”
  • Speeding up workflow process: “Man hours of processing hand-written dockets per week have been substantially reduced, resulting in more time and money!”