Based in Malaga, Western Australia, Frankho Foods is a food manufacturing and wholesale business that supplies a range of 500 products including nuts, dried fruit, beans, pulses and confectionary to retailers in Western Australia. Fouad Khoury, Frankho Foods founder and director, has been running the business since its inception in 1998. What started as a one-man business now employs 40 people, including six sales reps and three drivers. The company has been using Mobileezy since 2008, and runs Mobileezy Enterprise along with MYOB Account Right Live. 


Initially Frankho Foods’ sales reps conducted orders and sales manually following visits to customers. These paper-based orders were called in to head office where they were manually entered into the system, before being sent to the warehouse for picking. Once this was completed, the company’s administration officer would prepare invoices to send to the customer. Overall, a cumbersome, inaccurate and time-consuming process for all involved.

Frankho Foods had to rely on up-to-date manually prepared spreadsheets to keep track of orders and warehouse stock. With a large number of product lines going to a widespread area and all data entered into the system manually, Frankho Foods was struggling to keep track of stock details and batch numbers for HACCP requirements.

With many of the orders taken out in the field, it was imperative that Frankho Foods source a system that would allow the reps to produce invoices, track stock and orders, and synchronise all the information back to the office. 


With frustrations growing, Frankho Foods turned to their accounting software provider MYOB for advice. With a long history of working with Mobileezy, MYOB understood the software’s capabilities and recommended that Fouad contact Mobileezy for advice on how the software could benefit his company. 

Software Resolution: 

Following discussions with Mobileezy, Frankho Foods decided to go ahead with the automated software system. With reps out in the field and pickers in the warehouse, it was essential that they all be equipped with appropriate handhelds that supported the software. This allowed them to keep orders and stock numbers updated, and track all batch numbers. “Mobileezy made a significant difference to the running of our business. For so long we had relied on manual entry, estimates, and inaccurate stock numbers. Once we started using Mobileezy, everything quickly became simpler, faster and problem free.” Using Mobileezy’s Warehouse Picking Module, Frankho Foods was able to synchronise orders straight to the warehouse for picking, and to MYOB for accounting and invoicing.  


“We have come to rely on Mobileezy a lot since 2008! I do not know how we managed before we started using it. Now everything is so much simpler, faster and more accurate. It has always been straightforward and with the right training, we have managed to use it properly. It saves us so much time and money.”

Now in 2015, Frankho Foods is still using Mobileezy and has increased the number of handheld licences and optional modules over the years as the business has grown. 

Why Frankho Foods loves Mobileezy

Reduced data entry: “We no longer waste time calling in orders every time we make a sale. This has freed up so much time for everyone.”

Reduced paperwork: “Everything is synchronised on our handhelds so when we place an order it is sent directly to the warehouse. We no longer have to call orders through to admin and have someone there send paper-based orders to the warehouse!”

ROI: “We’ve invested money in a system that has helped us save so much more over the years.”

Automatic sales and order process: “All customer orders are done on our handhelds and sent directly to the warehouse for picking – no more paper!”

Remote syncing: “With so many sales reps out on the road, all invoices and orders are automatically synced to MYOB Account Right Live - everyone’s lives have been made so much simpler and our records are always accurate.”

Tracking stock: “Some of the products we supply are a mixture of ingredients and we need to be able to track each ingredient used for HACCP requirements. Mobileezy makes this a simple process.”